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Commercial fishing vessel capsizes on the South Coast


At about 4am today, a commercial fishing vessel - a 26 foot shark cat -  with two people on board, overturned while crossing the bar of the Shoalhaven River at Crookhaven Heads on the NSW South Coast.

The two fishermen were flung into the water in rough conditions, clinging to the hull of the overturned boat in darkness.

Just after dawn, the boat with the two fishermen clinging to the hull wasspotted using binoculars by Marine Rescue Shoalhaven radio operatorMichaela Anderson, Michaela alerted NSW Police Marine Area Command who despatched a helicopter to the area.


In the interim, rescue vessel Shoalhaven 20 skippered by Marine Rescue Shoalhaven volunteer Mike Boadle headed to the scene, a privately owned light plane in the area also provided support and helped by informing the crew of Shoalhaven 20 that the two crew had swum for the shore.

With the light plane and PolAir circling above, the two fishermen reached shore near the breakwater at Crookhaven Heads unassisted, where they were collected by Shoalhaven 20, and taken to Greenwell Point main boat ramp, where they were interviewed by NSW Police.

The overturned boat has been pushed into the entrance of the Crookhaven River where the crew of Shoalhaven 20 will attempt to secure it so it can be salvaged.

Image: Wave FM (image for illustration purposes), Google Maps