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Saliba reduces Homer's lead for Shellharbour Mayor


Incumbent Shellharbour Mayor Marianne Saliba and Wollongong Lord Mayor hopeful Tania Brown and have both made up some ground as the count continues following last Saturday's local government elections.

Brown picked up 6,089 iVotes after the NSW electoral commission finally updated its figures.

She trails incumbent Gordon Bradbery by 2, 615 votes on first preferences.


Brown desperately needs the Greens to pick up a large number of votes (because of preferences) with just under 30,000 still to be counted while Saliba has cut Chris Homer's lead by 2.5% in Shellharbour.

Homer remains 5.52% clear and needs another 4,777 votes to win the election while Saliba needs just over 7,000 n the two-horse race.

Images: Marianne Saliba Facebook and Tania Brown Facebook