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Options to honour Emma McKeon whittled down to two


Wollongong City Council has identified a couple of locations to recognise the achievements of Australia's greatest ever Olympian, Emma McKeon.

Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery presented a number of options to her during a recent meeting.

"I know from my conversations with Emma and her family she acknowledged the generous support and passion from the Wollongong community for her achievements," he said.


"She was humbled by the community's suggestions and suggested that if there was to be something named in her honour, that it could be a space that celebrates the city's beauty, is accessible to everyone and has links to water," the Lord Mayor said.

After discussing a variety of suggestions with the champion swimmer, Bradbey said it's down to two options.

The first is to name the new North Beach Promenade and Terraces, which are currently under construction at North Wollongong Beach.


The area is directly east of Diggies North Beach kiosk with the project due to be completed mid-next year.

The second is to name the Cliff Road viewing platform that overlooks the harbour and Continental pool after McKeon.

"I, for one, think both options are winners as they're open to everyone in our community, are locations that celebrate the city's beauty and are connected to water," Bradbery said.

"Both options are also considerate of Emma's own wishes as she wasn't keen on the idea of a statue and she already has strong connections with an existing swimming centre.

"So naturally the Blue Mile, one of Wollongong's most iconic coastal landscapes, is an ideal location to recognise and reflect Emma's great achievements.

"Right now, we're keen to find out from our community if there is anything we need to know about the sites before a final decision is made by Council at a meeting in October," Bradbery said.

Images: Emma McKeon Instagram, David McKeon Instagram and Travis Winks