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Mount Ousley interchange applauded by NatRoad


The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) has released a statement today, congratulating governments for taking action to improve the Mount Ousley interchange at Wollongong, which is the gateway to one of Australia’s most challenging pieces of road.

Funding of $240 million announced in Tuesday night’s Federal Budget will improve the intersection of Mount Ousley Road and the Princes Motorway and separate light and heavy vehicles at a critical pinch point. Some $21m had already been committed by the NSW Government.

“The new traffic interchange will do wonders for safety and efficiency and it’s something NatRoad has urged for many years,” said NatRoad CEO Warren Clark.

“Heavy vehicle operators around the country acknowledge Mount Ousley Road as one of Australia’s most difficult descents or climbs, but it’s also a vital artery for the Wollongong Region.

"A detailed crash analysis for the 10-year period from 2004-14 showed 34 recorded vehicle crashes near the intersection of Mount Ousley Road and the Princes Motorway, one of them fatal.

“One thing we’ve been saying to government is that In a well-designed road system, most driver error need not occur.

“Separating cars and heavy vehicles travelling down Mount Ousley is a huge win for safety.

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