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Research reveals bubs move a 'staggering' amount


There are around 4500 babies born in the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District each year, and they could be putting the rest of us to shame when it comes to keeping fit.

If you have ever wondered just how much movement your little one does, Huggies has found the answer.

They've researched just how much bubs aged between six and 36 months move and the numbers are staggering.

The data has revealed that each day our little ones are walking up to four times more than adults, taking a staggering 17,448 steps, which is the equivalent of climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge six times.

With 1,710 different moves per hour, bubs are doing more reps than an average 45-minute circuit class, the research found.

Bubs are doing a range of movements, with a daily average of 5,280 crawl steps, 2,640 commando crawls, 1,440 bum shuffles and 720 climbs.

The research also showed that little ones clock up an impressive 2,400 daily leg kicks which is 20 times more kicks than the average soccer player makes during a game.

Image: Wave FM News