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Tree Vandalism Wollongong


Wollongong police are appealing to the public for information, following the latest round of Tree Vandalism.

Wollongong councils efforts to beautify public spaces is being hampered by senseless acts of vandalism on planter box’s around the CBD, in some cases plants are believed to have been stolen. 

Wollongong City Council Lord Mayor Councilor Gordon Bradbery AM  has given a firm warning on the council Facebook page.

“Any act of vandalism, from breaking or removing trees to pulling the plants out of the ground to die, is not on. The wanton destruction of plants, trees or any public property is a pathetic act that detracts from our sense of community and is an unnecessary waste of resources.”

Plant theft and tree vandalism on public land is a serious criminal offence. People caught stealing or vandalising plants and trees may receive a fine starting from thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the incident”.

Report plant theft and tree to Wollongong Police on 131 444.

Image:Wollongong Council Facebook