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Port Kembla Hill 60 warning signs installed


As part of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of rock fishing, Wollongong City Council has installed two new danger signs at Hill 60.

The bright red signs are designed for shock value and features the word “Danger” written prominently across the top and has a numerical ‘death count’ in its centre. The signs are modelled on those used at rock platforms in the Randwick local government area and are intended to drive home the message that rock fishing can be a dangerous sport.

“It’s tragic that we have seen five lives lost at Hill 60 alone this year due to rock fishing,’’ Wollongong City Lord Mayor Councillor Gordon Bradbery AM said, "That’s five families too many who are faced with losing a loved one and having to rebuild their lives, we hope that these new signs will encourage people to think twice about the sea conditions, their skills and whether to wear a life jacket before they reach the platform.’’

The signs’ safety message – “People have died fishing here. Always wear a life jacket and if in doubt do not fish” – is presented in six languages; English, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

Image Credit: supplied