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Time to Park the beef and get on with vaccination rollout


Shadow Health Minister Ryan Park has offered some advice to some high powered political colleagues.

The Member for Keira has called on the state and federal governments to end their war with each other over the COVID vaccine rollout and come up with a better plan.


Figures revealed yesterday show that NSW has administered 50% of the 190,610  vaccine shots it has recieved.

Park has raised serious concerns over the pace of the rollout and the failure of the Berejiklian and Morrison Governments to cooperate with one another. 

"The public expect their Governments to be at war with the virus, not at war with each other," he said.


"We have seen cases of community transmission occur because health workers haven't had access to the vaccine yet," Park said.

"We desperately need to pick up the pace.

"The community deserve better than this, they expect the Premier and Prime Minister to sit down with their respective Health Ministers and not leave the room until we get this vaccination rollout going as quickly and as efficiently as possible," Park said.

Images: NSW Health and Ryan Park