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Whale dies on Gerringong Beach



Rescuers were unable to save a beaked whale stranded on Warri Beach at Gerringong yesterday.

In challenging conditions, ORRCA members were called out to a live stranding at the southern end of the beach, however the whale died by the time rescue crews arrived,

According to ORRCA, the conditions were rough and the currents were too strong to secure the whale.

A large wave rolled in and the sea reclaimed mammal before a full assessment could be carried out.

ORRCA is asking anyone in the Kiama, Gerringong, Gerrora and Shoalhaven to keep an eye out for the whale as it could wash ashore in the coming days.

As with all marine mammals, they are protected in Australian waters and even though this animal is deceased, it is valuable from a scientific research point of view.

ORRCA spokes person Jools Farrell says it's unusual to find a beaked whale on the South Coast.

She says if anyone sees the whale floating in the shallows, they should not enter the water or attempt to pull it ashore.

"Even if it's on the beach, they must not touch the whale as they can carry diseases," she said.

"They need to call ORRCA and we can contact National Parks," she added.

It's believed the whale could have been travelling in a small pod, but ORRCA is unsure of the type of beaked whale as there are around 32 different species. They feature a beak-type nose and the males have tusks.

If you do come across this or any other stranded, injured, or entangled whale or dolphin please call the ORRCA Rescue Hotline on 9415 3333 and report it asap.

The stranding follows the death of a rare Blainville’s Beaked Whale at Coffs Harbour two days ago.

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