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Park calls on government to bring citizens and international students back


The state opposition has renewed calls for the government to work towards allowing international students to return to educational institutions.

Shadow Health Minister and Member for Keira, Ryan Park said with the vaccine rollout underway, the government must do everything it can to bring citizens home and support the safe arrival of international students.

"Getting NSW residents home is an absolute priority and the sooner we do this the sooner we'll be able to support the return of international students," he said.


"International students are the lifeblood of many university communities across Sydney and the regions," the Member for Keira said. 

"Their return supports countless jobs from small businesses and shopping centres to caf├ęs and corner stores. 

"We can't underestimate the harm of leaving students without adequate support last year.

"We need to act quickly and support their return or our recovery will be harder and longer," Park said.

Images: Travis Winks and Ryan Park