Illawarra Newsroom

Wet weather set to linger over the Illawarra


The rain will continue tumbling down this morning before easing later today.

A hazardous surf warning is in place for the Illawarra coast and we can expect 50km/h southerly winds.

Rebecca Kamitakahara from the Weather Bureau said we have copped some decent rain since yesterday morning.

"Since 9am yesterday across the Illawarra we've broadly recorded between around 15 and 30 millimetres for a lot of locations.

"There have been a few higher falls within that," she said.

As of 8am this morning, Wollongong has recorded 41 millimetres since 9am Sunday.

Albion Park's collected 22 and Kiama 30.


Kamitakahara said the intensity of the rainfall will ease later today.

"With those wet conditions persisting for the Illawarra today we could see anywhere between another eight to 25 millimetres across the region.

"A lot of that will probably fall through the first half of the day and then by the time we reach tonight and into the early parts of tomorrow we will start to see an easing trend becoming a bit lighter and bit more intermittent," she said.

Showers are expected for the remainder of the week with temps in the high teens.

"That cold front that crossed the state on the weekend is now lingering off the coast and is driving some really strong southeasterly winds across the region which is bringing in that moisture and and generating all this rainfall," Kamitakahara said.

Images: Travis Winks and BOM