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Nightwork ramps up on Albion Park Rail Bypass


Construction of the Albion Park Rail bypass moves into a new phase this evening with nightwork to increase for the remainder of the month.

Fulton Hogan said the nightwork improves safety by reducing interactions between workers, motorists and pedestrians.

"To safely carry out activities traffic may be stopped, detoured or reduced to one lane.

"By working at night, delays are minimised and journey times for motorists and businesses are less affected," a statement said.


Fulton Hogan said a number of measures will be implemented to minimise disruption caused by the use of machinery and equipment that generate light, noise and vibration at night.

"We will make every effort to minimise disruption by turning off machinery and vehicles when not in use, using noise shields and directing temporary lighting down and away from homes," the statement said.

The road builder also said it will attempt to plan activities close to homes within standard construction hours and schedule noisy activities earlier in the evening and where possible fit equipment with devices to minimise noise including reversing squawkers rather than beepers.

Construction of the bypass will shutdown for the long weekend with work to resume on Tuesday October 6.

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