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Opposition demands State Government fund COVID-19 beach marshals


Shadow Local Government Minister Greg Warren has put the heat on the state cough up and support local councils to help keep beaches COVID safe.

Social distancing concerns have been highlighted with large numbers of people expected to hit the South Coast this long weekend with temps in the mid to high 20's forecast for the Illawarra.

The Opposition said the State Government's COVID Safe Summer Plan that was released on September 21, failed to detail how it would support beachside councils to enforce social distancing and COVID-19 safe practices.


Warren is backing Local Government NSW's call for the Government to fund COVID-19 marshals to police popular beaches and ensure beachgoers adhere to social distancing measures.

"When it comes to the safety of those at the beach, the Berejiklian Government cannot shift responsibility or costs onto councils.

"Slogans and advertising campaigns are useless unless councils are supported or equipped with marshals to enforce social distancing measures on our beaches.

"It's looking to be a cracker weekend and it is going to be so great to see people down in the Illawarra at the beaches but we have to be COVID safe and that means this responsibility can't lie on the lap of councils, it needs state government support," Warren said.

Story and images by Travis Winks