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102km/h wind gust hits Bellambi as giant swells head for Illawarra coast


The rain has arrived across the Illawarra and we're looking at falls between 20 and 30 millimetres before easing this afternoon.

Rebecca Kamitakahara from the Weather Bureau said the majority of the rain will move through the region this morning.

"That's when it will be at its most widespread extent.

"As we go into this afternoon and this evening we will see it break up more to showers.

"There will be a lot more breaks between the rain and we may even get some sunny breaks," she said.

13mm has already fallen in Albion Park, 11 in Kiama while Bellambi's recorded 6.

The Bureau has issued a damaging wind and surf warning with areas along the Illawarra coast facing vigorous winds averaging 50 to 60km/h and gusts above 90km/h.

A 102km/h gust hit Bellambi at 7.28am while 87km/h was recorded at Kiama and 72km/h at Albion Park.

"They're expected to increase further this morning and remain strong through the day," Kamitakahara said.

The low pressure system in the Tasman Sea will also deliver some giant swell.

"We're getting some quite powerful south to southeasterly waves moving up the coast.

"With that we do have quite dangerous beach conditions expected to develop later today and into tomorrow.

"We could see significant wave heights getting up above five metres as those waves start to build," she said.

Image: SLS NSW