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Illawarra - Chamber warns over JobKeeper


The Illawarra Business Chamber, says a report shows the government needs to think very carefully about how it winds back JobKeeper.

Adam Zarth, Executive Director of the IBC, says a survey of more than 1,000 businesses across the state, shows that only one in two businesses will be able to maintain their current hours and headcount, when JobKeeper payments stop, and that more than one in three have no plan to manage this.

Mr Zarth said that Treasury statistics, released earlier in June, contribute to understanding the extent to which businesses are relying on wage subsidies to stay afloat during the pandemic. Over 10,500 JobKeeper applications were processed in April, from a workforce of around 147,000. 7,747 applications came from Wollongong, with Shellharbour (1,616) and Kiama (1,205) seeing comparatively high numbers of organisations applying for the subsidy.

Image Credit: Illawarra Business Chamber