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Driver due in court after burnouts with kids in car


On Sunday 14th June 2020 police were notified by members of the public of an aggravated burnout which had just occurred on Banksia Street, Botany. Officers attached to Botany Bay Highway Patrol launched an investigation into the offence.

Later that evening police became aware of a video that had been posted on Social Media, which had been filmed by an occupant of the vehicle, which had been uploaded clearly showing the male driver performing the burnout with his young family in the vehicle. One of the young children was not correctly restrained within the vehicle. The video had the tag of “No wonder my kids are crazy...this is their father...can’t help himself. Dead set”

Over the following week, CCTV footage and independent statements were obtained. CCTV footage clearly showed him driving the vehicle in to underground secured parking immediately after the burnout. The male has exited the vehicle and checked the rear tyres before parking and his young family getting out.

After all the evidence was obtained the driver, being the registered owner of the white VF GTS, was issued a notice to produce his vehicle to Mascot Police Station.

On Sunday 28th June 2020 the male drove his vehicle to Mascot Police Station where a Form of Demand was placed on him in relation to the aggravated burnout and child restraint offence. At this time he was shown the CCTV and Social Media footage where he had no memory of the incident.

The driver was issued a Court Attendance Notice to appear before Downing Centre Local Court and his licence was suspended and confiscated until court. Further to this his vehicle was seized for a period of 3 months where he is liable for all towing and holding fees during the course of the confiscation.

Department of Community Services were notified in relation to the children being put at risk.

Police are aware of an independent male who also filmed the offence from outside the vehicle and are looking to speak to this male. Police are appealing for any further witnesses who may assist to come forward.