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Police promise to prosecute protesters


NSW Police have vowed they will not hesitate to prosecute those who attend upcoming Sydney protests due to significant COVID-19 health and safety concerns.

Assistant Commissioner Mick Willing said tonight's protest scheduled for Sydney Town Hall that is connected to the Black Lives Matter campaign is unauthorised because police have not been formally notified.

Willing said the police would deploy "significant resources" to enforce the existing health order which bans mass gatherings which could include people being moved on and potentially arrested if they attend.


He also welcomed the Supreme Court's decision overnight to block a refugee rights protest scheduled for tomorrow.

Police have threatened to arrest defiant refugee rights protesters who have vowed to take to Sydney streets in spite of the court ruling.

The Refugee Action Coalition (RAC) said they would ignore a Supreme Court decision that declared tomorrow afternoon's event a prohibited public gathering.

In a judgement handed down last night, Justice Michael Walton granted a NSW Police application that opposed the rally on public health grounds.

Justice Walton said the right to protest did not outweigh health concerns.

Images: NUS and Refugee Action Coalition