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P-plater allegedly blows 0.253 after hooning around Figtree


An alleged drunk driver accused of doing burnouts in Figtree early last Sunday morning has been picked up by police whilst ordering a meal at McDonalds Figtree.

Wollongong Highway Patrol responded to reports of a white Holden Commodore driving around residential streets on its rear wheels with both tyres blown.

Police said they attended the last known location and followed the trail of rubber debris from the tyres.


Officers discovered gauge marks in the bitumen roadway to McDonalds at Figtree where the vehicle was located abandoned in the middle of the car park obstructing the loading dock.

They found the alleged driver inside ordering a meal.

He produced a Class CP2 provisional driving licence which comes with a zero BAC limit.

Police submitted him to a breath test where he returned an alleged reading of 0.253.

His licence was suspended ahead of an upcoming court appearance.

Images: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command