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Park calls for expanded testing as COVID-19 restrictions ease in NSW


Shadow Health Minister and Member for Keira Ryan Park is urging the state government to ramp up community-wide testing in order to prevent any second wave of Coronavirus.

Park wants to see an increase to include testing of people without symptoms in high risk areas such as healthcare and community services, the roll out further pop-up clinics to areas of high unknown community transmission and outreach to multicultural communities.

The call follows changes to restrictions last Friday, the single largest relaxation of restrictions since the COVID-19 pandemic began and confirmation that in class learning will resume in schools across the state next Monday and the resumption of regional travel on June 1.

"As we enter a different phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to respond differently too.

"The number of unknown community transmissions is the number one concern in NSW.

"We need to address it before it is too late," Park said.


The Government has warned there may be people walking around the community who do not know they have COVID-19.

There are currently 370 cases of unknown community transmission in NSW, more than 1 in 10 cases of the virus.

"When people are asymptomatic or the testing message is missing them, we need to reach them," Park said.

Images: and NSW Health