Illawarra Newsroom

10 passengers all without seatbelts



At 8:52 Saturday 22nd of February 2020, police attached to Nepean Highway Patrol were patrolling Shepherd Street Colyton, while patrolling this location police attention was drawn towards a white Nissan Elgrand as the front passenger was not wearing their seatbelt.

The vehicle was pulled over where police observed the following-

Front row (2 seating positions) a 34 year old female passenger unrestrained.

Middle row (3 seating positions)
5 year old child seated in a booster seat, the child was not restrained and the booster seat not anchored to the vehicle, unrestrained 11 year old who was nursing a 1 month old child. 12 year old nursing a 2 year old both unrestrained. Sitting in the footwell was a 7 year old.

Back row (3 seating positions) a 4 year old in a booster seat not restrained, a 6 year old not restrained and a 3 year old in a child seat unrestrained and seat not anchored to the vehicle.

This vehicle is designed to transport 8 persons. The vehicle had a total of 11 persons 10 of these unrestrained. The driver stated "We were running late for church". The driver was issued a number of court attendance notices with the matter to be heard at Penrith Local Court.

Police are urging all drivers to ensure all passengers are restrained prior to traveling and not to exceed seating capacity of vehicles.