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Illawarra homes with unsafe products?


Australians could be at risk of injuries or even death from 6.6 million individual products currently under voluntary recall, with about half of these still likely to be found in people’s homes, new figures show.

Figures show that each year the ACCC is notified of about 650 consumer product recalls, but only about half of affected products are returned to sellers, leaving one in four Australian households exposed to potential hazards. The ACCC is recommending that the government strengthen the Australian Consumer Law by requiring businesses to comply with a “new safety duty”, which would mean businesses must take “reasonable steps” to ensure the products they sell are not unsafe.

“In Australia, two people die and 145 people are injured every day by unsafe consumer products,” ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said. “Many people would be surprised to learn there is currently no law that requires businesses to not sell unsafe products.” More info on this is available right here...

Image Credit: Brian Kerrigan [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]