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New laws to help control deer problem in the Illawarra


If you've had feral deer do damage at your place you're going to welcome this.

Changes to the rules around hunting deer in New South Wales will come into effect from next month.

As of September 6, deer will no longer be classified as a "game species" meaning the cull is on.

Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall said it will help control the increasing deer population in the Illawarra.

"Under this change anyone with a firearms licence will be able to eradicate deer on private land as long as they have the landholders permission.

"It will negate the need for farmers and other landholders to pay to obtain a special game hunting licence," he said.

The State Government will confirm the changes to the hunting laws today.

"It means that we will be controlling deer in this state and treating them exactly the same as every feral and pest species in the state like foxes, rabbits, wild pigs and wild dogs, there will be consistency to the way we treat them," Marshall said.

Image: Travis Winks