Illawarra Newsroom

Humpback Needs Help Off Illawarra Coast


OORCA is asking for assistance from the Illawarra republic, after reports of a whale being tangled in nets.

The whale was last spotted yesterday afternoon between Windang and Bass Point, with a bright orange bouy attached to it.

There have been no reported sightings this morning, with OORCA advising it could be anywhere between Nowra and Sydney, although at last sighting near Windang Island, it was heading North.

If you see this whale, please call the ORRCA Rescue asap on 02 9415 3333. Please try to get a photo or video to confirm the entanglement plus a GPS location.

Importantly, please don't approach the whale. Whales are protected in Australian waters. You must stay at least 100m away at all times, 300m if they have a calf. If the animal is entangled a 500m exclusion zone applies.