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Close call on South Coast leads to plea for more care


An increase in road accident's  has authority's worried.

Following a spate of incidents at road work sites across the state this week, Roads and Maritime Services is reminding Illawarra motorists to take extra precautions when driving through these zones for the safety of motorists as well as workers.

In one incident this week  three vehicles collided around a work site on the Princes Highway south of Bateman’s Bay.

It followed an earlier incident at the same site, where a car was driven into the work zone over the reduced speed limit and the driver eventually abandoning the vehicle when it became stuck in an excavated area. 

Roads and Maritime traffic controller Mark Bush who was on site at Batemans Bay and witnessed the incidents said: “We all want to go home at the end of the day, if motorists stick to the reduced speed limit and follow our directions then we can make sure that we all get home safely.”

Photo source: Rob Gooda WaveFM news.