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Illawarra flypast confirmed to honour veterans


HARS has confirmed that vintage aircraft in RAAF livery will stage flypast tributes above Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama and Kangaroo Valley on Anzac Day.

A number of aircraft are planned to take part including a World War II Dakota, a Vietnam War era Caribou and a cold war era marine surveillance Neptune.

All three are painted in livery reflecting a heritage of national service.

HARS President and Chief Pilot Bob De La Hunty said the aircraft are a living tribute to all who flew and maintained the aircraft during some 80 years of service during war and peace.

Shellharbour flypast:

The flight is planned to take the aircraft to Windang before flying over Shellharbour at 8 am, then return with a second pass in line astern formation.

Wollongong flypast:

The aircraft will fly along the coast to Port Kembla and then to Wollongong Golf Course.  The plan is for the aircraft to fly over Burelli Street at 10.10 am, before staging a second run over the centre of Wollongong in line astern formation before heading south along the coast to Kiama.

Kiama flypast:

The flight is planned to take the aircraft along the coast before flying above Terralong Street at about 10.30 am before staging a second run in line astern formation.

Kangaroo Valley flypast: 

The flight is planned to take the aircraft above Moss Vale Road which is the main street of Kangaroo Valley in a west-north-west direction just before 11 am. From Kangaroo Valley the Neptune will return to the Illawarra Regional Airport.

Image: HARS