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Wollongong Police renew anti-theft call

smashed car window edit.jpg

Wollongong Police are once again calling for car owners to take the temptation away from thieves when it comes to cars and valuables. 

From their Facebook page: Despite our ongoing posts, community engagements and constant reminders Wollongong Police District have come to the understanding that the message still isn't 'getting through' to some of our community members and residents regarding locking your motor vehicles.

There has been a recent increase in steal from motor vehicle incidents in the Woonona area. Incidents occurring between 2am and 6am with many vehicles being unlocked!!! LETS STOP THIS NOW! Remove all valuables from your car and LOCK YOUR VEHICLE ***LOCK YOUR VEHICLE***LOCK YOUR VEHICLE!!!

Image Credit: © Túrelio (via Wikimedia-Commons), 2008