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Boys Praised For Gutsy Kiama Rescues

Two teenagers are being praised for their bravery and quick thinking that saved three people from drowning near Kiama.
Sunday afternoon the three members of a family were being swept out by a rip at South Bombo when 15-year-old RONIN and 14-year-old CALLUM sprang into action.
Ronin was in the water and paddled over to a woman who was farthest out and managed to get her onto his surfboard and calm her down while skirting around the rip and bringing her safely back to shore.
Callum meantime swam into the rip to help another member of the family, while Ronin went back in and aided the last lady back in.
Kiama lifesavers say the boys aren't the strongest or biggest for their ages and both they and the family have been shaken by the experience.
Photo: Wikimedia:,_Bombo,_New_South_Wales.jpg