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Private Arsenals Increasing In The Illawarra

It's claimed a dangerous loophole in the NSW gun laws is allowing people to build their own private  arsenals.
The Greens say with more than 19,000 guns in the Illawarra alone,  the issue is of growing concern.
They say they've obtained information revealing of the top 100 private arsenals, two are in the Illawarra - each with between 79 and 141 guns.. and they're not collectors or arms dealers.
Greens Gun Control spokesman DAVID SHOEBRIDGE says it's because the law allows private individuals to use the same reason to buy their 1st, 10th or 310th gun.
He says a genuine reason should be demanded for each individual gun and a cap introduced.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons:

(New research available on The Greens website TooManyGuns shows the extent of gun ownership and private arsenals across the state. 

People can search by their postcode to see how many registered guns are in their communities.)


Image from Flickr via Michael Saechang