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Save The ' Royal ' From Roadworks

Shock at a government suggestion to slice-off some of the Royal National Park to build a road has prompted a Wollongong Councillor to take action to stop it.
One of the options open to the state government for the extension of the F-6 to Sydney is to take 60 hectares of the 'Royal'.. as opposed to the more expensive buy-up of homes to make way for the corridor.
However Councillor DAVID BROWN says the idea has outraged the community and he will use a notice of motion at tonight's council meeting to push for the council to support moves to protect the park by having it World Heritage Listed.
Mr Brown says the 'Royal'  has many unique features that place it alongside several of Australia's iconic locations such as KAKADU and the GREAT BARRIER REEF.
Picture: Wikimedia Commons:,_Royal_National_Park,_The_Coast_Walk-Australia.jpg