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Calls To Lower Motorcyclist Deaths

Emergency services are pleading with car drivers to keep an eye out for their two-wheeled counterparts, saying 221 motorcyclists have died on NSW roads since 2014. 
Motorcycles and scooters have surged in popularity with almost 250,000 vehicles now registered across NSW. 
Thirty-two motorcyclists have died on the state's roads this year, including 23-year-old Jack Kinloch who hit and killed a pedestrian in Wollongong last week, and a 45-year-old learner who lost control on in Tumbi Umbi last month. 
Senior Assistant Commissioner David Dutton says appropriate clothing and footwear can maximise a motorcyclist's chance of survival. 
Illawarra motorcyclists are being urged to order a 'CRASH Card' - a small card placed in the lining of the helmet to relay personal information to emergency personnel, particularly if the rider's unconscious or unable to communicate.
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