Erin Molan shuts down trolling allegations against James Maloney

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A huge debate has been sparked over a comment James Maloney made on Erin Molan's Instagram account about her being a new Ambassador for a car company, he wrote: "More free stuff, you're good" and included a shocked face emoji. Media outlets have been branding James a Troll for the comment and unfortunately the comment even though it wasn't intended to has created trolling, both Erin and James are now being trolled on social media and other online users are turning on each other in emotional debates.  

We spoke to Erin Molan this morning who was quick to shut down the trolling allegations saying that the two are good mates and that it was a joke among friends, she's appalled at the trolling and media coverage surrounding the incident. 

Erin: "James is one of my best mates this is ridiculous. I feel bad for him because he has a wife and 3 beautiful kids and I don't want people calling him a troll."

Have a listen to the full chat here: