Five UCI course markers to be installed in Wollongong

September 26, 2023 9:16 am in by
Image: City of Wollongong

One year ago images of Wollongong were broadcast to some 164 million people across the globe as the final day of racing for the UCI Road World Championships was held in the city.

The colour and movement of the UCI Road World Championships gave viewers an insight into our city – its passionate community, the escarpment, the bush, the beaches and the back-breaking ride that was Ramah Avenue as the riders hit the road from Helensburgh to Wollongong.

Today, we’re recognising the legacy of this extraordinary event with the announcement that five course markers will be installed at key locations in the city over the coming weeks. The markers will allow keen riders to relive the race in their own way – whether riding sections of the course themselves, or simply standing on the footpath at Ramah Avenue and marvelling at the muscle strength needed to ride a hill of that gradient.

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The place markers will be installed at:

  • The time trials start line on Market Street in Wollongong
  • The finish line on Marine Drive
  • The start line of the Elite Women and Men’s road races in Walker Street, Helensburgh
  • On Mt Keira Road to mark a section of the road races
  • On Ramah Avenue to mark a section of the Elite Women and Men’s road races