Pet Photo Secrets Unveiled


Pets fill our hearts with happiness and love, but taking a photo can be tricky.

So, we've scoured the web (in honour of our Pet Selfie Competition we have going on that you can enter HERE) for the best tips and tricks for you this holiday season! 

Use natural light.

If possible, avoid being inside and using flash, being outside in the sun gives the picture the best lighting.

Focus on the eyes.

Eyes are expressive and to get the best pic of your fur baby's personality, try to get those to #werk in the shot.

Get on their level.

To get a great shot you want your pet to feel comfortable. For example, lay on your belly and shoot from their eye level or lower.

Catch their personality.

If you have a playful dog, take a pic of them playing. If you have a lazy pet, a picture of them yawning works too!

Work with shots.

Close ups can be just a good as full body photos.

Surprise them!

Pets can get restless and can't understand why you want photos. Get them ready and let them play until you're taking photos, and THEN get them in position. 

Surprise yourself!
Get creative, play around with shots! You may surprise yourself with the magic you capture!

Be patient.

Don't expect your pet to pose perfectly for you, if you are patient and willing to work with the animal, the shot will come.

Use sports mode.

If you use this mode on your camera you can capture your pet in an action shot. Hopefully - with no blur!


What are your tips? Comment below!