Teenage Girls Targeted Online


Scammers are soliciting sexually explicit pictures of girls by posing as modelling agencies online.

Sometimes even using the sames of real agencies and head hunters, young girls are being targeted through social media. They are approached by a scout for a 'modelling agency' and then asked for indecent images. Reports have been made of requests for topless photos and skype interviews in lingerie. These are requested under the guise that it's for 'casting' purposes, with real modelling agencies recieving calls from concerned parents wondering why such pictures would be necessary, unaware it's a scam.

Sometimes these images are even used to extort the women and girls. The Guardian reports that there were 327 reported cases of fake modelling agencies soliciting sexually explicit imaged in the UK in 2016. 

It's incredibly important to have an open discussion with kids about the dangers online, and that if they are ever unsure they can always approach their parents or a trusted adult for advice.


Image via Pixabay