New iPhone Release


Apple is due to release its newest iPhone, with a media event today that is most likely going to unveil new models.

There has been little information about what will actually happen, with the invitations to the event only proving the date, time, location and message 'Let's meet at our place.' 

There's a lot of pressure on Apple to recapture the magic of the first iPhone reveal, and reaffirm that it is a leader in innovation.

There are several rumours about what the reveal will entail. Some reports hint that three new models will be unveiled, with a premium phone costing almost $2000 AUD. Two new models are supposed to just improve on the latest models, with the premium phone having the most dramatic changes (referred to as the iPhone X thus far).

Rumours talk of features like edge to edge screens, 3D facial recognition, wireless charging, getting rid of the home button, new camera features, improved Siri functions, and the potential for augmented reality applications.

The details are expected to be released to us early tomorrow morning.


IMAGE by Iphonedigital