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Cardi B Thanks Tom Petty for flowers. Twitter thanks her for the laugh.

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Cardi B is being mocked relentlessly after thanking Tom Petty for sending her flowers for her Grammy win.

In a now-deleted Instagram story, Cardi reveals a note that reads, "You've got a big heart. So big it could crush this town." Those are lyrics from Petty's 1996 song "Walls (Circus)." Cardi squeals, "Thank you Tom Petty for the flowers! I left the room, but the flowers were very big. I want to say thank you so much. This is such a beautiful note."

Something that was glaringly obvious to everyone but Cardi B ... Tom Petty is dead.

He died of a drug overdose in 2017.

Several people took to social media to express their amusement. "Who’s going to tell @iamcardib that Tom Petty is dead?" one person tweeted. Another joked, "Did Nicki Minaj do this to sabotage Cardi B? Petty Level: Tom Petty."


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