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P!NK creates Ugly Trauma after taking a swipe at a New Zealand bar



On Tuesday night P!NK wrapped up the New Zealand leg of her Beautiful Trauma World Tour. Following the gig she was keen for a night out with her crew, so they sussed out a bar for the after-party, a little joint in Auckland called Deadshot. 

Things didn’t go well, at 4am the singer tweeted this to her 31 million followers:

Deadshot bar manager Heather Garland has come out and said Pink hadn’t even been in the bar!

Apparently a member of Pink's crew visited the bar to see if they could host Pink’s after-party there, Garland explained that, while they would LOVE to host them, they simply did not have the space to accommodate the star's entourage. The tiny bar can only accommodate groups of 6 or less.

Come Tuesday night, Pink’s entourage rocked up anyway. And Deadshot turned them away, hence why Pink was a little peeved, but I don’t think it warrants dissing the bar, especially as they’d explicitly told them they couldn’t fit them!

Plenty of Pink’s twitter followers didn’t think it was a very nice thing to do either:

Pink will be back in OZ next week to makeup the shows she had to cancel due to sickness. Bars of Sydney take note: if Pink wants a drink at your joint, LET HER IN!

image credit - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pink_(singer).jpg