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CASH GRAB: Armoured Truck Loses Load On Highway

It's the age old question, if you found a $50 note on the ground, should you keep it or hand it in?

Motorists in Georgia pulled over frantically for a cash grab, after an armoured truck spilled it's load all over the Atlanta highway.

With the assistance of police, they managed to recover just $200 of the $175,000 on board.

After a warning was issued that motorists who helped themselves to the greenery could face years in prison for theft of lost or mislaid property, some opted to turn in their new found fortune, with two men handing over $3000 and $700 each.

Similar laws exist in Australia if you were praying for a similar event to occur on the M1, it's called stealing by finding, although we think the school yard 'finder's keepers' rule sounds better.