How to AVOID the Game of Thrones Spoilers

Let’s face it Spoilers of any kind are the absolute worst, they’re worst than when you get told there’s cake in the office kitchen or that the kids have made you a surprise dinner only for you to find out the cake is actually a salad or the surprise dinner is actually a cake made out of real mud!

Here at wavefm we hate spoilers as much as you do so we’ve got some tips to help you steer clear of spoiler territory when it comes to the Final season of Game of Thrones.


This should be step one of any sort of spoiler prevention action. The sooner you tell people that you’re not going to be able to watch it for another day, people tend to make more of an effort not to ruin it for you. If you don’t people will assume you’ve seen the latest episode of anything and ruin your day accordingly.


If you’re a google chrome user, you can download this handy little extension that blacks out any posts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Feedly and Google news. It uses tags so anything that mentions game of thrones or anything related to it will be hidden from your newsfeed. Nifty isn’t it?

If you’re not a google chrome user you can always use the old fashioned route of muting your friends who you know post spoilers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

AVOID THE INTERNET, TV & RADIO – Anything that has a ‘talk-back’ media feature basically

If the first two options still aren’t cutting it for you, this may be your last resort, now we for one don’t condone this sort of behaviour lightly because it cuts you off from the lifeblood of what is going on around you but if you’re desperate we recommend you switch EVERYTHING off until you can watch the latest episode.

The only other alternative is of course, giving in and letting that drip of inside info into your mind and join in on the conversation. Who knows it might just be the little motivation to get you to watch that ep sooner!