1/2 Price Frozen Food At Woolworths


Yep, you read right, there is a few catches though...

 Ice Cream – 50% OFF!
Frozen Pizza – 50% OFF!
Frozen Prawn Dumplings – 50% OFF!
Frozen Apple Pie – 50% OFF!
Frozen Peas & Corn – 50% OFF!
Party Quiches – 50% OFF!  

Ok we could go on and on but here’s what you need to know.....

Half Price applies to selected frozen foods. It’s happening TODAY ONLY until 11:59pm. You can ONLY get 50% OFF frozen foods when ordering ONLINE. And it's for PICK UP & DELIVERY customers.  

What are you waiting for? Jump onto the Woolworths website & start your online shopping!

Image Credit: Orderinchaos [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]