STUDY: People Who Enjoy A Drink Are Healthier


It doesn't matter what you drink either, beer, wine or spirits!

The study which was published in the journal of epidemiology and community health (so you know it's legit), showed that out of 19,000 people surveyed, 40% of non-drinkers reported their health as fair, poor or very poor, with only 25% of drinkers reporting their health the same way.

Alcohol has so many other benefits as well, with non-drinkers more likely to get the common cold. Other studies have shown that enjoying a bevvy or two may also decrease your risk of dementia, lower the chances or diabetes and cardiovascular disease, even lengthen your life.

While this is good news (ok, it's fantastic news), it's important to remember the health guidelines around consuming alcohol in Australia, which advise a limit or two drinks per day, and no more than four in any session.

Image Credit: Pixabay