Tragic and terrific trees


Some trees are terrific, others are just tragic.

Not all Christmas trees are as classy as the one you were used to seeing at Nan’s when you were young.

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We’ve searched the planet to find some great examples of the terrific and terrible approaches to the Christmas tree, some are amazing, some are terrifying and some are just sad.

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We’re not sure how stable this approach is but we understand you might get bored with a traditional tree.

Obviously turning it upside down is the best solution.

We couldn’t find out how long this took to come crashing down though, so if you do this you’re on your own.

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Turning the tree upside down might be original but it’s not what we’d call creative.

No, that title goes to whoever it was who motorised this tree and set it spinning in their lounge room.

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This tree, well he eats presents for breakfast!

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But when all is said and done, there are no rules on decorations and we can’t think of anything that screams Christmas quite so loudly as a horse head tree topper.

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And at least it’s better than this effort.