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Travis Winks joined the Wave FM in August 2011 following a stint in the USA hosting ESPN's Sportscenter. He’s called the Illawarra home since.

Trav has embraced the Illawarra, hosting various charity and sporting events. He’s a staple on stage at the Shellharbour City Council Carols by Candlelight and annual Disability Trust Gala.

His main love is sport and he has won a number of radio and television awards for sports journalism. Trav began his radio career with Triple M in Brisbane whilst he was completing his Journalism degree at the University of Queensland. He took up a role as Sports Director for the Australian Radio Network in Sydney in 2002 before making the move into television with ESPN and relocating to Connecticut at the end of 2006.

Today he co-hosts with Chris & Jade and regularly fills in as the sports reporter for Nine News Illawarra.

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Jade is one of the few women in the universe who can't multi-task!

Maybe that's why she's in radio, all she has to do is talk, something she has mastered non-stop since she popped out of the womb, so how hard can it be???? VERY! She has to get the words in the right order, try not to say inappropriate things when the mike is on & refrain from hitting herself in the head with her headphones when she puts them on.....all of which she fails at miserably!!

But we love her; She's a home-grown Illawarra girl with a positive outlook on life ? Is involved with the community, and as she readily spills the beans on her crazy existence.... .... from parenting mishaps (seriously who forgets to pick up their daughter from school not once but three times!?) .... to renovation disasters (her house has flooded on 4 occasions) ....and unco moments (spraying herself in the eyes with perfume, need I say more). She makes us feel better about the order of our own lives.

Jade supports Kidzwish, Cancer Council & Raise The Gong.

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