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Key points of Xie murder case



* One person murdered the Lin family at their North Epping home in Sydney, in the early hours of July 18, 2009

* Xie sedated his wife before leaving their bed and creeping into the Lin residence, 300 metres away

* Xie knew the location of the Lin's outside power box to enable the electricity to be turned off

* Xie had access to a key and knew the layout of the Lin house

* Bloodied shoe prints in the Lin home were consistent with Asics sneakers Xie wore

* On May 6, 2010, Xie cuts up shoe boxes, showing "consciousness of guilt"

* Small "bloodstain" - dubbed Stain 91 - on Xie's garage floor "most likely" contains DNA of four Lin family victims

* Partly motivated by his perceived "inferior" status in the Lin family - supported by evidence of Witness A, an inmate who recorded Xie speaking disparagingly of Min Lin


* It wasn't one person in the dark

* Improbable all five victims could be controlled by one person; crime scene suggests more than one assailant

* Xie's wife Kathy Lin confirms his alibi of being asleep with her at the time of the murders

* Disputes DNA evidence and the Crown's assertion stain on Xie's garage floor is blood

* No evidence showing Xie motivated to harm the Lin family

* Xie got on well with Lin family and was particularly close to nephew Henry

* He cut up the shoe boxes as he feared police would falsely implicate him in the murders

* Conversations with Witness A were "nothing more than jail talk"

* Denies Crown's suggestion of a sexual motive, details of which cannot be published.

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